Dennis Rasmussen's double did not help Metallurg beat the guests from Finland Father and son Mozyakin`s in one link in a victorious match with Barys

Press conference of head coaches Ilya Vorobyov and Yuri Mikhailis, as well as players Nikolai Kulemin and Alexey Maklyukov


Ilya Vorobyov, Metallurg head coach:

– In the second period, we should have capitalized on power play. We are glad that we managed to win in the end, we finish the home series with the victory.

– What can you say about the debut of Andrei? When did you make the decision to get two Mozyakins to the ice?

– It was made in the summer. When everyone was sick, we planned to do it but Andrei also got sick. And so this is a beautiful gesture from the club for both Andrei and Sergei.

– Will you still involve players from Steel Foxes till the play-off?

– We will think, but now the Foxes really need points. We will give the guys there, rather than get them to us.

– Were you afraid that there might not be enough physics today?

– It was a very difficult game against Ak Bars. After it not much strength was left. The guys did well to make the most of themselves in the third period.

– Sergei Mozyakin really helped Plotnikov with the second goal. Why did you decide to make this switch?

– Sergei did, yes. Then Chibisov occurred to play the last shift in shorthanded game and therefore we let Sergei out. It's great that everything worked out.

Yuri Mikhailis, Barys headcoach:

– Good game for the both teams. We had a lot of chances in the first period, we should have scored. Metallurg goalkeeper played great. In the third period, there was not enough concentration. Metallurg added in pressure, we missed unnecessary goals in simple situations. In general, we played well.

– Why didn't Lintuniemi play?

– We gave the others time to play. We have many players.

– Are you satisfied with the teamwork of the links before the playoffs?

– We have the reserves, we will be preparing for the playoffs.


Nikolai Kulemin, Metallurg forward:

– Hard game. The games against Barys are always hard. It is good that in the third period we found strength and won.

– There is a certain rotation in the composition, you have to change the links, partners. What can you say about it?

– I think it is normal, coaches try different combinations before the playoffs, this is normal.

– Was it too hard today in terms of physics?

– The team wasted a lot of emotions on the game against Ak Bars. Probably for this reason we did not immediately join the game. But in the second, third period, we got involved, and everything worked out.

– How will you spend a break in the championship?

– There is time to train, to adjust everything that is necessary before the playoffs. This is very important now – to work out all the nuances before the playoffs.

– How did you support Andrei Mozyakin today as a senior comrade?

– It's not the first time he got into the team, he trained with us before, everyone knows him. Obviously we bantered on him. But I am very happy for Sergei, this is a very significant moment. Few players have such experience, it's very cool!

– Would you like to play with your son one day?

– Sure! But he is only 12 years old, so you will have to be patient!

Alexey Maklyukov, Barys defensman:

– Bitter loss. It was the second loss to Metallurg. We should have changed something today, make a comeback to that defeat. But we didn't make it, missed in the third period and lost. Bitter loss.

– What is the reason for the defeat? Was the opponent so good today, or did something not work out for you?

– I think, everything at once. And the opponent showed a good game. We were leading, but in the third period they added pressure a lot, and we let them do it. So here are both factors.

– Barys often plays 6 on 5 in the end, but it does not work out to score. Why?

– I don't even know. It's rare in general, but we've had it a lot lately. We try. A little less chance to score than 5 on 4, maybe this is due to this.

– Does the fact that the team got into the playoffs help psychologically?

– This is a big, serious step. We are happy with that. But we shouldn't fail the ending of the championship. I won't say that we played a disastrous game today, but still. Such offensive defeats. In the playoffs, one or two goals decide. And if it was a rehearsal for the playoffs, today we failed it. We hope that the pause will be beneficial. In physics, yes, there is fatigue. But not critical.

– Is it important for you to avoid a meeting with Ak Bars in the playoffs?

– Of course, we know what kind of team it is and no one wanted to get on it in the first round. But it will be as it will be. We'll do our best, and then we'll see what happens.

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