Press conference of head coaches Ilya Vorobyov and Yuri Mikhailis, as well as players Nikolai Kulemin and Alexey Maklyukov Press conference of head coaches Ilya Vorobyov and Dmitry Kvartalnov, as well as players Mikhail Pashnin and Artem Lukoyanov.

Father and son Mozyakin`s in one link in a victorious match with Barys

At the beginning of the first period on the ice, a unique event took place: for the first time in the history of the KHL on ice in an official match, a father and son, Sergei Mozyakin and Andrei Mozyakin, entered the court.

And although Mozyakin Jr. spent quite a bit of time on the ice, this is a truly historic event! A beautiful hockey story!

The first period of the match passed without goals: the teams practiced careful hockey - Barys preferred positional actions, and the ice hosts preferred counterattacks.

In the debut of the second period, Metallurg opened the scoring: Sergei Plotnikov and Nikolai Prokhorkin played an excellent 2vs1 exit - 1:0.

After a while, the guests leveled the score in the match, realizing majority, and at the end of the playing segment they took the lead. With a minimal advantage of the Kazakhstan team in the score, the teams left for the second break, and in the third period Metallurg snatched the victory.

First, Sergei Plotnikov scored a double in the match with an accurate throw, and then Nikolai Kulemin played great on a nickle and recorded the winning score on the scoreboard - 3:2

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