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Metallurg's players have not made hat-trick in playoffs for five years

On March 7, Denis Zernov's hat-trick in Nur-Sultan became the thirteenth in the history of Metallurg in the playoffs.

The first hat-trick in the playoffs took place in the very first match of Metallurg in the elimination matches. On March 2, 1993, Spartak Moscow arrived in Magnitogorsk to meet the 1/8 finals. The red-whites were crushed by the upstart from the Eastern Conference - 7:4. One of the heroes was Sergey Osipov, who made a double by the 8th minute. And on the 56th he scored the third goal and scored the first hat-trick!

Metallurg fans have been waiting for the next hat-trick in the playoffs for five years. In the spring of 1998, the degree of relegation matches was not so high - the Russian Cup was played. Nevertheless, passions in this tournament were overflowing. On April 9, Metallurg defeated Severstal in the quarter-finals – with a score 6:3. Forward Andrei Petrakov scored a hat-trick faster than Osipov. He scored it against Andrey Karpin in the 24th, 34th and 48th minutes.

A year later, in 1999, Sergei Osipov scored his second hat-trick in the playoffs. Evgeny Loiferman from the Samara CSK VVS, who previously played for Metallurg, missed three goals. This hat-trick came as a surprise as the second and third goals were scored in the 54th and 58th minutes.

Two more years later, in 2001, Andrei Razin scored a hat-trick in the semifinal battle with Severstal, which ended in with a score of 7-5 victory for Magnitogorsk. He scored in the majority, the minority, and into empty nets.

The first and so far the only hat-trick of the Metallurg defender came in the playoff match. On March 23, 2006, Dmitry Yushkevich put three goals into the Lada goal, defended by Vasily Koshechkin, by the 34th minute of the match.

Another five years passed before Metallurg's next hat-trick in the playoffs took place. Its author is Denis Platonov, who on March 9, 2011 hit the Avangard gate three times. The third goal was scored into an empty net with 11 seconds left in the game. It turned out to be very tense - 4:2. So, the value of a hat-trick in such a duel was quite high.

In March 2015, it was the turn of Sergei Mozyakin. In Ufa, he made an important hat-trick, scoring in the 13th, 19th and 58th minutes. Metallurg won 6:4 and took an important and valuable step towards reaching the next round. It is noteworthy that for Mozyakin it was the only hat-trick in the playoffs as part of Metallurg.

In 2017, Metallurg played in the Eastern Conference quarter-finals against Kunlun RS. In this series, three hat-tricks were recorded at once. The author of the first was the Finnish forward Oscar Osala. On February 24, he scored in equal numbers, in the minority, and into an empty net.

On March 2, 2017, Danis Zaripov and Jan Kovarzh each scored a hat-trick against the Chinese team. It was the only match in the history of Metallurg in which two players scored three goals at once. As a result - 8:2 - Metallurg's biggest victory in the playoffs.

In the same year, but already at the stage of the semi-finals of the East, Danis Zaripov scored two hat-tricks against Barys with an interval every other day. On March 11, he did it at home (5:4 OT), and a day later in Astana he repeated his achievement. As a result, 5:3. Of the six goals against Barys, Zaripov scored three in the majority.

An interesting observation: Danis Zaripov is the only hockey player in the history of Metallurg to score three hat-tricks in playoff matches.

Denis Zernov's hat-trick is the fastest in the playoffs in the history of Metallurg. It took 16 minutes and 16 seconds from the first to the third puck. Earlier this record was owned by Sergey Osipov. In 1999, he scored three goals with an interval of 20 minutes. Moreover, Zernov's hat-trick was the fastest in Metallurg's history since the start of the match in the playoffs. 

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