Happy birthday, Ilya Vorobyov! Won the battle, there's a war ahead

Press conference with head coaches Ilya Vorobyov and Yuri Mikhailis, as well as with players Nikolay Goldobin and Dmitri Gurkov


Ilya Vorobyov, Metallurg head coach:

– A good game on our part, the specialty teams worked well. Everything worked out, but this is not the end. We are moving further.

– Goldobin bloomed with your guidance. Why?

– It is necessary not to jinx, let him also continue. It took time, the start wasn't so good. But we are glad that Kolya improved. We know what is able to and we are glad that it is like that now. It was a process. He didn't play for us, we had to put some things to work properly. We studied his strengths for a long time when we signed him.

– Why did you choose Koshechkin as the main goalkeeper today?

– We talked with Vasya. It was the joint decision of the coaching staff, the goalkeeping coach. I spoke to him, and I had a feeling that he would play great today.

– Did you give Olkinuora a rest or did you give Vasya a chance to feel the playoffs and gain confidence?

– Many things. Today we were confident in Vasya, but we also gave Juho a rest.

– Why Yurov joint the team?

– Rozhkov is unwell, so Yurov today got the smell of the play-off powder. He is only 17 years old.

Yuri Mikhailis, Barys headcoach:

– I will say so: we did not have enough emotions that we had in the fourth match. The team tried, but many things did not work out. My congrats to Metallurg! Metallurg was faster in some moments, but most importantly, we lacked some kind of fuse today.

– What are your forecasts about Varone?

– When we get back home, the doctors will examine him.

– Whom will you choose as the goalkeeper for the next match? Will it be a difficult choice?

– We don't have much choice. We'll see. The guys will be ready for the sixth gamebut the whole team also up in arms We'll see, but I can't say yet. Did Ortio have a bad day today? Most likely. Not only him, the whole team didn't have enough energy today.

– How Barys can win the series?

– Thanks to our character and our fans. With their support, we have a different mood.

– How ready are Volk and Blacker, who have returned from injuries?

– They are good. Volk scored a goal. He moves well and helps the team. Blacker wins the puck. Everything is good.


Nikolay Goldobin, Metallurg forward:

– It was a very important game. We are moving to Kazakhstan, it will be difficult there. Today all players were good.

– What exactly helps you play great now: bright emotions or cool partners like Prokhorkin and Plotnikov?

– It is my first playoff. I am inspired and want to go as far as possible with the team! The guys are super, they see the field. Sometimes they give me advice, but it hypes me in a sporty way. Today it was a matter of mood, home arena, and fans. We scored the first puck and did not relax after it. Then we scored the second, and it went.

– Today Barys capitalized on the power play when the score was 3-0. Is it a red flag?

– It's all right. The guys did well today. Both Rasmussen and Beck scored, I'm happy for them.

– Who has the psychological advantage now?

– The opponent is an experienced team. I hope that now we have goa od mood as we go to Kazakhstan after the victory. I hope everything goes well.

– Is Vorobyov your coach? He unveiled your potential to the fullest!

– He is an experienced coach, won many cups. I bring the result, he trusts me. The main thing is not to slow down!

– When you played in CSKA you have a time when the coaching staff didn't trust you after the injury. Now the conditions allow you to play at full strength?

– Yes, I was recovering from an injury for a month, but now I'm in good shape and I feel great!

Dmitri Gurkov, Barys forward:

– I'm glad I played. I wish we could win. We were aggressive, but we didn't have enough emotions after the second home game. We are preparing for a home game.

– Were you surprised that today you were in the center of the second link after a long break?

– First, we now have injuries. And, secondly, the coaches say to be always ready. The line-up is announced on the day of the match, and we are always ready to play.

– How do you estimate your play on the face-offs?

– Probably not bad, but what difference? The result is on the scoreboard. But everything at the face-off everything was okay.

– Now fans are allowed to visit your home games. Did you feel the difference?

– I do feel the difference. They are driving us forward. There's great support at home, we play for them. Thank them for coming to support, this is important!

– What tactics will be successful for Barys in the next game?

– I think the coaches will tell us everything. Tomorrow we will gather, they will tell us how to play, make adjustments to the game.

– You have ice on your shoulder – what happened?

– Nothing serious, just a game.

– What did the coach say to the team after the second period?

– He asked us to rebuild, move to the net, fight more. But it was all bad today, and the coaches paid attention to it. A game, a combination of circumstances. We missed the first puck, then the second one, and so on like this. I repeat that we feel supported by the fans. We missed them, we play for them. We will try to do everything to make them happy.

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