Press-conference with Fredric Stillman, Bob Hartley, Danila Yurov and Denis Zernov Ilya Vorobyov: We want to show you our best hockey

Post-match comments by Vorobyov, Andrievsky, Dronov, Karpov, Solyannikov and Miromanov

Ilya Vorobyov: This month we have quite tight schedule


Ilya Vorobyov, Metallurg head coach:

– We played well today, we capitalized on power play and scored good goals as well. Now we are preparing for the next game as this month we have quite tight schedule.

– You put Nestrasil in the center of the first instead of Prokhorkin because he couldn't take part in the game. Did it take long time for you to decide or it was obvious?

– No, it was immediately obvious that exactly Andrei would play.

– Tonight, Semin was in the line-up, but he had been sat on the bench till you became sure in the score. He's not quite in shape yet, does he need time to recover?

– No, he doesn't. First, we used three links. Later when we started to lead in the game, we let him and Ilya Nikolaev, who made his debut in the KHL today, in.

– Why Prokhorkin missed the game, and how is Sergey Mozyakin recovering?

– Nikolai got a food poisoning. I hope he recover in a day. He already feels better, I hope that he will play against Amur. Now Sergei needs to get in shape a little, he hasn't trained for a long time. Now he needs aerobic activity, today he runs cross-country, tomorrow he also runs, and so on. He will play, when his physical and athletic forms recur.

– When a team starts to lead in a game, some unnecessary erroneous actions may occur. Did you focus on avoiding mistakes tonight and getting a shutout win?

– Sure. We also talked about this before the last game, but it didn't quite work out there as we relaxed at the half of the last second. This game also focused on this.

Alexander Andrievsky, Sochi head coach:

– It's hard to comment. Offensive defeat. We ought to learn lessons. I can say that we had played well till the second goal. I would not say that Metallurg had a big advantage there. But the second goal broke us, we started to fail and on the ice was only one team – Metallurg. It's hard to add something else here.

– Lassinantti and other foreign players, in general, are under question – while the guys, who should drag the team, look weak. What's wrong with them?

– You know, we have played only two games, it's hard to comment on something. Yes, it is clear that we expect a slightly different game from them. You are right to mark that legionnaires must show a different level, they are invited to clock up. And unfortunately they don't do it. But we hope that soon they will improve their skills, show they are capable of and demonstrate the qualities, which they were invited for. As for Lassinantti: he scored 3 goals in the power play, was good on the slot and moved in front of the net. Nestrashil could not make such hard shots. We hope he improves and helps us.

– In the first period, your players did not score much, while in the second period they shot from all positions. Did you focus on this?

– You are absolutely right. You asked and answered yourself. Yes, we focused on this, because in the first period we had many chances to score or to shoot but all the time we were looking for some unnecessary passes. You correctly marked the second period – we started well, we had more shots, but the second goal turned everything around.




Georgy Solyannikov, Sochi defender:

– I think, it was not our best match. It is the beginning of the championship, we are accelerating. We will make conclusions as we have a lot to work on. I think that we will gradually improve our game.

– Your coach said that the turning point of the game was the second goal, when Karpov sprung in alone. At the same time, you had an advantage on shots (9-1) and did not score yet. After that everything went wrong immediately?

– Maybe yes. It was an unexpected goal. It did not fit into the structure, we used in the second period, it went against our game. Somewhere, someone psychologically broke down, this wave went and pulled everyone in.

– In the first game against CSKA your team made a few shots. But tonight the game was more instensive. How hard will it be to recover after tonight's result psychologically?

– It will be hard, but this is a good lesson for us, such a slap in the face that we cannot play in such a wave-like manner. We started well, and we should had continued like this. Somewhere we made more shots, as you said, but in the end did not score. We ought to improve our game.

Daniil Miromanov, Sochi defender:

– I will repeat Georgy's words – the game was tough The score is certainly unpleasant. We started well, followed the coaching plan, and in the second period we broke down. We gave up the initiative after the second goal, and stopped playing.

– Everyone knows what problems Sochi faced in the preseason. Do you think that you did not get enough time to train before the start of the championship?

– I would say that it was not enough, yes. The preseason was very intense, all the guys got in shape, and then, unfortunately, we were put in isolation. We lost the track, the pace and the shape. It was hard to get back in shape. But we shouldn't pay special attention on it, as other teams also have been ill. We all are on equal terms. We need to find a way out, unite and strictly follow the coaching plan.



Grigory Dronov, Metallurg defender:

– Good game. Especially in comparison with our first one. We rolled in, played more or less better, scored our goals on time and thus broke the opposing team. As the result, it became a little easier to play.

– You had the pressure of the first match, hittings the goal frame and failed breakaways. How much did tonight's win help you to get rid of it?

– We didn’t think about it after the first game, we understood that there was no practice for a long time. We did not bother ourselves with this, we did not even remember the first match, and tried to go forward.

– Tonight you capitalized 3 of 4 power plays. Are the special teams perfectly fit to each other or you plan to change anything?

– There are no more variations. It still takes time to get used to each other, to better understand each other. On the other hand, we have to go out and solve the game. Now power play and shorthanded play mean a lot.

– Did you try to help Olkinuora after the end of the previos game?

– Honestly, we didn’t think about that – you always have to play the match to the end. This puck accidently flew in a split second. One always wants to get a shotout win. Today it worked out.

Maxim Karpov, Metallurg forward:

– The whole team played great today. In the shorthanded play, in the powerplay and in the equal play. We talked and helped to each other. Today everything turned out much better than in the previous game.

– In the first preseason games we had challenges in the second period. Why the opponent dominanted the first half of the second period, when they made more shots than you?

– Maybe they threw from he blue line? (laughs) I can't say that they dominated that much. In general, the second period turns a lot of games, when you can pinch your opponent and change yourself. It brings the win.

– When did exactly decide where to throw a puck?

– I looked at the goalkeeper, saw a free far corner, and threw it there. Everything set up by itsef.

– When you scored in the Arena played song My dream fish by Leningrad. We know that you chose it yourself. How long did you choose your track?

– Not for long. The most suitable for me, and the funniest, so everything coincided.

– Amur is your next opponent. Is it time to already forget tonight's score and start to prepare from a scratch?

– Yes, this is only the beginning of the season. Every game is different. Now we need to find stability and carry every game great.

Match results
Arena "Metallurg",
Sun, September 6 2020, 17:00
Metallurg Mg
6 : 0
1:0 3:0 2:0
32 (8, 8, 16) Shots 34 (9, 11, 14)
37 (8, 18, 11) Faceoffs won 22 (6, 7, 9)
8 (0, 2, 6) Penalty in minutes 8 (2, 4, 2)

2 Dronov Grigoriy
76 Chibisov Andrey
21 Nestrashil Andrey
1:0 08:44
16 Plotnikov Sergey
91 Karpov Maksim
2:0 30:37
2 Dronov Grigoriy
76 Chibisov Andrey
21 Nestrashil Andrey
3:0 34:32
6 Bek Teylor
4:0 37:33
82 Pesonen Harri
90 Lammikko Yuho
5:0 44:06
82 Pesonen Harri
6 Bek Teylor
6:0 55:17
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Olkinuora Juho
Koshechkin Vasily
Dronov Grigory
Beck Taylor
Zemchyonok Artyom
Nekolenko Arkhip
Plotnikov Sergei
Nestrasil Andrej
Pashnin Mikhail
Syomin Vladislav
Yakovlev Yegor
Khlystov Nikita
Platonov Yuriy
Minulin Artyom
Chibisov Andrei
Nikolaev Il'ya
Pesonen Harri
Lammikko Juho
Karpov Maxim
Potekhin Bogdan
Korobkin Yegor
Shvyryov Igor
45 Olkinuora Juho

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