Metallurg - Neftekhimik. October, 16th Post-match comments by Vorobyov, Andrievsky, Dronov, Karpov, Solyannikov and Miromanov

Press-conference with Fredric Stillman, Bob Hartley, Danila Yurov and Denis Zernov

Fredric Stillman, Metallurg vice-head coach:

– I am very happy to see how we were working and battled through the game and how we put them under pressure constantly. And everybody knows that they are very good team. So this win was big for us. Very important.

– When did you learn that Prokhorkin and Lammikko don’t play tonight?

– Prokhorkin was in the morning, Lammikko was just two hours before. So it’s short notice. So it is, we had to adjust and move on.

– Was it difficult to choose the goalie for the game?

– Not really. We have a goalie coach and the head coach at home now thinking about that. So we made this decision and I guess it wasn’t that difficult. We have two good goalies, we mix them a bit, you know. They play a few games and then they rest.

– You announced 8 defenders but actually only 6 of them played tonight, and also all 12 forwards got enough time. Was it a big risk for you?

– Yes that is what where we are now, and they came in and made a really good job. I really happy to see how they performed today, they showed that they can play in this league.

– Who decided to invite Steel Foxes headcoach, Denis Platonov, to the coaching staff tonight and how do you estimate his work?

– It was a common decision from the coaching staff. We need that extra space on the bench, and we need that voice to put the boys and to correct the boys. So he did a great job obviously. We win 3-0, father and son were a part of it. So what can be better?


Bob Hartley, Avangard head coach:

– My congrats for Magnitogorsk, they played well game. They played full 60 minutes. I thought, they were by far the better team. They did not give us much, whenever we had chances, their goalie was stronger in the nets. I think that Igor Bobkov was our best player today. Tough game for our side, we didn’t generate much and it probably cost us a win.

– The order of choosing the goalies is not consistent. Why did you choose Bobkov tonight?

– Because we have two great goalies like I’ve said this a million times at the start of the season: we are very fortunate, we have two great goalies. Tonight we didn’t score any goal and I hope that nobody in Russia would blame Bobkov for the last.

– No claims to Igor Bobkov‘s performance for sure. But the thing I mean is that Garipov played against Metallurg and didn’t allow any single goal – so maybe it was a question of lucky or fortune?

– Maybe.

– Tonight we didn’t see the Avangard that we used to. There was no actually high pressure and no forechecking so what is your explanation to this?

– We didn’t skate tonight, that is why I said that Bobkov by far was our best player. And we just didn’t give ourselves any chance to win. At the same time I have to give credit to the opponent. Metallurg was the better team and they played the great game.


Danila Yurov, Metallurg forward:

– The game was tough, the team is the leader of the championship. We were trying to follow the coach's instructions. I think, we succeeded.

– Yesterday you played for Steel Foxes and tonight for Metallurg. Did you notice the difference between the two leagues?

– I did. The level of skills is completely different. But I didn't have a choice. I made up my mind to show everything I can.

– When did you learn that you take part in a real game?

– At the meeting 2 hours before the game.

– You seemed as if you didn't worry at all.

– I actually didn't as I have played in KHL before. I knew the level of game and didn't worry.

– You had a great chance when Beck passed at the blue line but you moved forward earlier and in the offside position.

– I saw a defender in front of me, that's why I wanted to break away. Now I see that I should have slowed down. But the chance was good.

– Do you play tomorrow for Steel Foxes?

– I don't know yet, it depends on the coaches.


Denis Zernov, Avangard forward:

– Metallurg started the game great. It was exactly what we expected. We should have made more chances at their net. The first and the second period were not that good for us. In the third period we got more chances. And power play that we should have capitalized on.

– Why didn't you make more shots when you understood that you are losing the game?

– It is foolish to shoot from any points, if you don't have a player at the slot and you are not in a prime scoring area. We had to play simpler, to have a player in front of the net and only then we should shoot.

– Was it hard to change your mind after big wins for game against more challenging opponent?

– I wouldn't say that it was easy to play against Sibir and Sochi. Only when we scored the 5th goal the game against Sochi became a bit easier. We knew that Metallurg is on strike and we expected a tough game. They played great.

– Your coach said that Avangard players didn't use it usual forechecking because of bad legs movements. Do you agree?

– I can't speak for everyone. Metallurg was good at getting rid of pressure. And in our zone their defenders were joining and it was hard to defend the net.

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