Metallurg - Avtomobilist. December, 13 Metallurg defeats Dynamo again

Press conference of head coaches Ilya Vorobyov and Vladimir Krikunov, and defender Yegor Yakovlev.


Ilya Vorobyov, head coach of the Metallurg team:

- In principle, everything is very solid, a very good game from our side. The only thing, it's a pity that they missed at the end, they wanted to help Olkinuore play to zero. Did not work out. Well, somewhere the majority had to score. Otherwise, it's a good game.

- What caused the decline in strength in the third period? We can say that the team played more actively in the first and second periods.

- You know, we had several penalties, and Dynamo ran to recoup. But I would not say that the decline was strong. We played by the score.

- Taylor Beck went into the shadow for several matches. Is there an objective reason for this or is it just such a period?

- There is an objective reason, but we cannot reveal it.

- There is not much time left before the transfer window closes. Will there be any other activity on the market by the team?

- We work every day on this issue, and now there are not many free players. You see, and overseas everything goes to the fact that the season will begin. We continue to work, and if something is right for us, then we will become more active.

- The last match before the break is with an opponent who managed to make some noise this season, and on the other hand, has a ten-match losing streak. How much need to seriously focus the attention of the players on the fact that the opponent will come out like a wounded animal?

- You hear what I said in the locker room? That's how I said that – a wounded animal is the most dangerous, so we pull everything out of us and work.

Vladimir Krikunov, head coach of Dynamo Moscow:

- I will say that we played poorly in attack. Practically nothing that serious was created. Therefore, we probably scored only one goal. Today Garipov made his debut. I will say that he played well, our defense let him down a little. And so he did his job well. Maybe a little consolation is that in the third period we scored a goal and won this period. And even then, probably, because the enemy calmed down.

- Was Garipov's choice due to the fact that it was time for him to make his debut for Dynamo, or did you just keep in mind that with Avangard he beat Metallurg twice in this season?

- I didn't even know that - thanks for saying that he played to zero. He just need to play, he could not go with us to Minsk, because he did not have permission for this trip from the KGB of the Republic of Belarus - we submit all the documents in advance, and we did not have him in the team at that time, so don't think that he is a bandit (laughs).

- The moment with the removal of Lindbergh. This, perhaps, is not quite typical for the him, but of course let the team down ...

- Well, yes, but what to do? It happens, it's hockey.

- Now you have not typical travel - first games in the middle of Russia, then a trip to Minsk, then back to the Urals. Maybe some part of the energy was spent in this travels?

- No, probably everyone travels like that? Maybe apart from CSKA and SKA, I don’t know, I didn’t look (laughs).

- The fact that not so long ago you made an exchange with Päjärvi-Svensson, strengthened by Garipov, suggests that the transfer activity is over? Or do you continue something else?

- I think we could find one more defender and one central forward.

- Is Ivan Vereshchagin approaching the form when it will be possible to use him in games?

- Vereshchagin after injury ... He has already managed to get injured, yes. Now he plays for the second team, played two matches. There is a time limit, maybe he will play a couple more games there, and then he will appear with us.


Yegor Yakovlev, Metallurg defender:

- Dynamo is a good team. Tune in to them. Moreover, they beat them at home. We expected them to be serious and to be a tough match. And so it happened.

- What was missing in the match against Ak Bars - physics - was in abundance today. How did you manage to surpass Dynamo in freshness?

- We had a day off yesterday, we didn't even come to the palace. We rested with our families, charged our batteries. It helped.

- You have the 29th double among Metallurg's defenders today! We are waiting for the thirtieth! Does this take add confidence to you personally?

- Each goal adds confidence. And if you score two, it becomes even more. It's nice, we will try even more.

- Who was given the steelmaker's hat today as the best player?

- Juho Olkinuora! He played great, kept us in the game. It is a pity that we missed one goal. There is a bit of frustration with this.

- What are the pitfalls before playing Avtomobilist?

- The opponent should not be underestimated. They are all the more dangerous because they lost 10 in a row and lost the previous match. They will come to us with a serious attitude, the last match before the break - there is no reason to save energy. It will be a tense match.

- A busy schedule of games for Metallurg, and a call to the national team - will you have enough strength and emotions?

- The call to the national team gives a certain boost, so I can handle it - I have had this more than once. Playing for the national team is always a pleasure!

- Why are the matches with Dynamo going like this - a big win on the road, have you won convincingly today?

- Hard to tell. They are a good team, great performers. But everything is decided, probably, by the attitude. We both tuned in well, scored first and brought matters to a victory.

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