Metallurg lost to Kunlun Red Star on a visit. KUNLUN RED STAR - METALLURG. OCTOBER 21ST, 19:00 MSK TIME


Metallurg press service reminds that already on October 19 the first vice-president and chairman of the board of HC Metallurg gave comments on a preliminary agreement on short-term deal with Artyom Zagidulin. 

Sergei Laskov, he first vice-president and chairman of the board of HC Metallurg:

– Currently, we are carrying on negotiations with Calgary Flames, Artyom Zagidulin and his agent regarding his return to Metallurg. Actually, we have made some preliminary agreements. We are waiting for an official decision from the NHL club. If everything is okay, then Artyom stays here before the NHL season starts, gets game and training practice. For our part, we strengthen our team. It is important in the current situation with two goalies, Juho Olkinuora and Vasily Koshechkin, who are in self-isolation. Besides we are thankful to Artyom for his counter moves during negotiations with his home club and adequate proposed salary.

Last season Artyom spent in the AHL, playing with Stockton Heat. He played 30 games, save percentage 89.8.

Today we settled all the formalities and greet Artyom in the net of Metallurg!

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