Metallurg demolishes Avangard Home ice hasn't helped yet

Press conference of head coaches Ilya Vorobyov and Bob Hartley, as well as players Yegor Yakovlev and Nikita Komarov.


Ilya Vorobyov, Metallurg head coach:

– We didn't find the way to the net. If you don't score a single goal, you can't win. A series is up to four wins, we are preparing for the next game.

– Today you tried many ways in the attack, but Avangard blocked everything. Why?

– They blocked a lot of shots, and also, when you are leading in the score, it is easier to play for the result. And we made a mistake in the first goal.

– Do you think that the guy's mood hindered them? Maybe they have a false feeling that everything is fine after the road games?

– No, it's all right, there was no such feeling.

– What should be changed before the next game?

– The capitalization. It is the most important. Other things we will check later in the video.

Bob Hartley, Avangard head coach:

– Now we have to say that the whole team should be focused for the entire 60 minutes. Today, all four links played well, it was a real team effort. The goalkeeper played well. Today we showed one of the best matches of the season, probably even the best. We worked well, played with the puck, made smart decisions and looked good.

– How will you recover before the next game?

– Our approach to training is consistent for several seasons. The recipe is immutable and very simple: our condition can't get worse, it can only get better. I'm happy with the way the team is preparing. We have good skating, great form for the whole team. Experienced players guide the young ones. There is another important game ahead. Today we will celebrate the victory, and tomorrow we will return to work.

– Do you think that condition of Metallurg worsened in the third period?

– I will say that we skated very well. In the third period, we played quite simply on the one hand, and effectively on the other. Even in the training camp, I said that all the guys work with full dedication. Our fitness coach, Brandon Bovey, knows his job, and he led the team to the decisive games in the best possible shape. Here they need to be ready for a possible endless overtime. Today I am proud of my team.

– Metallurg tried different ways to attack, were you ready for this?

– We always have a game plan, but sometimes we have to adjust it, of course. Today, everyone played with maximum concentration, and this very plan was fully implemented by the players today. This is a team victory.


Yegor Yakovlev, Metallurg defender:

– A good game, somewhere we should have skated more to the net and wanted to score. We lacked it today.

– Do you think that some players should have acted uncommonly?

– Of course, there was a lack of creativity somewhere. I repeat we didn't deliver the puck to the net. Instead, we played more on the perimeter.

– How do you explain the problems with the breakout?

– Today we ourselves gave the puck to the opponent a lot. We should work on it.

– How would you comment on your condition? After all, you had a big break without games.

– I didn't play for a long time, it was too hard. I am in good shape, I think. I joined the game, I was not lost, I was in the game. Everything is good.

– Today both teams got few penalties. Why?

– Both teams played in a disciplined manner. Honestly, I don't remember even any controversial moment. Everything was for a reason.

– Avangard moved faster today. Do you agree?

– There were a couple of shifts when they covered us. We had chances, though. But I hit the upright. We made our mistakes, Avangard had a little more chances. It was the second period, long change. A common situation when teams try to impose their shifts. They did it, they looked better in those moments. I will not say that our condition was worse.

– How will you set up your mind for the next game?

– This is the playoffs, a series is up to four wins. The day after tomorrow will be a different hockey game, everything will be different.

Nikita Komarov, Avangard forward:

– We got an excellent mark today. We completed the task, played selflessly, used our chances. Great game.

– How did you prepare for the game? You are not spoiled with game time.

– If you looked at the season, I didn't have much playing time. Psychologically, you get used to it. Surely I would like to play more. So I went out and fulfil the game aim. Today's goal was a lucky coincidence. I play with great partners, I need to take advantage of the moment.

– Did this assist inspire you? You started to attack more actively after it.

– It happens when the game is good. And everything works out. Today was one of those moments. The circumstances are important.

– How will you keep your physical freshness for the next game?

– Our team is ready in this regard. It is necessary to play correctly and cling to such a game.

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