550 points of Sergey Mozyakin in the regular championships for Metallurg Press conference of head coaches Ilya Vorobyov and Oleg Znarok, as well as players Nikolay Kulemin and Vladislav Kara.

Press conference of head coaches Ilya Vorobyov and Tomi Lyamsya, and also with players Philipp Holm, Sakari Manninen, Nikolai Kulemin and Pavel Koledov.

Ilya Vorobyov, Metallurg head coach:

– Good, tight game. As we had expected. It is always interesting to play against Salavat Yulaev. It was a tight, tough game. It's good that we scored two points.

– Who chooses the goalkeeper for the game, who has the last word?

– We all work together. But the last opinion is mine.

– Nikita Rozhkov took part in the game. Why did you decide to return it from the farm club?

– He played there a little bit, it was important for him to get game practice. Danila Yurov was sent to the youth team as games there are good to get practice. Rozhkov played well today.

– What about Chibisov?

– Injured. Doctors track him.

– Ilya Nikolaev also stopped going out quite early.

– We decided to play with experienced guys at the end of the game.

– In the first period, Metallurg failed to take the puck out of their zone. And both goals, in fact, were the result of it. What is the reason?

– Nestrasil played badly. Or rather not so, as we agreed. He didn't throw right. And Prokhorkin, when the puck is on the hook, you have to take it out.

– Are you satisfied with the face-off?

– We work on it at the training. It's nice to see when it works out.

Tomi Lamsa, Salavat Yulaev headcoach:

– We showed a good game today. A difficult match for us. The fourth game in eight days. I'm happy with how our team performed. The start was hard, we were slow and lost 0-2. But then we showed our will and managed to get back into the game. Also, the discipline was good today, we got no penalties. And also fulfilled the game aim for today. Our opponent was a little better, luckier today. Both teams are worthy of winning today. I repeat, I am happy with our hockey today. It is a pity that we did not score points.

– Bashkirov usually rarely plays on the face-off as his stats aren't the best. Did you regret putting him on the face-off when Magnitogorsk scored the third goal?

– He can play both center and edge. We were checking: Mikhail Vorobyov was injured, we decided to put Bashkirov in the center. We also have Khokhryakov, who also plays in the center.

– But why Bashkirov in that situation?

– I trust those who on the ice. Including Bashkirov.

– Pimenov is having a great season, he played well against Ak Bars. Why did you put him in reserve today?

– We have a rotation of forwards, we need to use the entire bench. It is a working process, the rotation. It works also for defenders.

– Akhmadulin also played less than other defenders today. Why?

– It all depends on how the game is going. Today, we made this decision in the course of the game.

– When will Mukhamadullin be among six key defenders?

– He complements our experienced defenders well, we will look at it in the future. As long as he plays like this.

– Why did Gimatov not play today, although he was in the line-up?

– Before we had emotionally difficult games, so we decided not to change the winning line-up, to keep this mood of the team.

– How would you comment on the mistakes of the players of the first pair of defense? Panin made a goal-cost mistake in the game, Larsen repeated it tonight.

– Do not forget that everyone can be wrong. The season is long, the workload is big. It is difficult to talk about any specifics now, we need to analyze the video and cut these mistakes.

– Metallurg often uses long passes in counterattacks. Did you study this moment before the game, did you draw the attention of your hockey players to this?

– We knew about it before the game. Yes, the players paid attention to this.


Philip Holm, Metallurg defender:

– It was a very important match, a serious fight on both sides. Both teams could have won today. It's great that we found a way to win. Very important!

– You have not scored for 12 games with Metallurg. It is clear that this is not the main thing for the defender. But did it weigh upon you?

– Surely, the most important is to play well in defense, to help your team win. However, when it also turns out to score, to connect to the attack, it is doubly great. I always want to contribute to effective actions. Today was an even score. Salavat Yulaev is our competitor at the table, so it was good to score the winning goal.

– In the first period, sometimes in the second, Metallurg experienced challenges to get out of the zone under the pressure of the opponent. What was the problem?

– Ufa is a good team, with excellent players. Especially the first link. We started with counterattacks and scored two important goals. They tried to come back and managed to do it. They put a lot of effort, and it was not so easy to get out from their pressure. Somewhere we tried to play simpler, more effective. The most important thing is that we found ways to win, managed to win.

Sakari Manninen, Salavat Yulaev forward:

– Good game. We were losing 0-2, then made a comeback to 2-2. An uphill battle! Metallurg won by one goal – it happens, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This is hockey. It was an even game, we move on.

– The first two goals were scored when your link was on the ice. What is the reason? Are you tired of the schedule?

– It's hockey. Sometimes you score, sometimes you're unlucky, the team misses when you're on the ice. It is impossible to play equally well all the time. It happens, that's the point of the game. We need to sort out the errors and go ahead. And play from shift to shift, do not lose concentration.

– What has Salavat Yulaev already improved in 2021? After the New Year, the team has significantly improved.

– It's about good training, working on tactics. We are improving from game to game, getting better. It's great that there is progress, we need to keep it and continue to polish our shape. We try to improve every part of the game, especially team interaction. We try to be ready for every game to win.

– You have a contract ending, are you negotiating with Salavat Yulaev about an extension?

– I don't think about it. I'm focused on the game. This is the agent's concern.

– You were on the ice during the second goal from Metallurg and lost the fight for the puck. What do you say?

– Sometimes you lose the puck, it's a fight! It is hockey, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It's part of the game. That's all. In that episode, the opponent scored, but it was necessary not to bother with this and go on.

– 2 against 12 in a face-off in the third period. What went wrong?

– I don't know. It is difficult to explain, the opponent played better.

– Sometimes Granlund replaces you in a face-off. How do you decide who will act on the point?

– Nothing special. There is no system in this. This is being resolved as of now. Just agree, look at the situation.

Pavel Koledov, Salavat Yulaev defender:

– I want to highlight the game without any penalty. Good discipline is a plus for us. We started badly, but we managed to level the game and tie the score. A ridiculous third goal led to defeat.

– This trip started on the next day after the game against Ak Bars. Did it add difficulties, and how do you evaluate the away games?

– We got four points from three matches. We could have clung for out points today, of course. But we played well. In the game against Sibir we lost the score like today. We were able to win. You need to play from the first minute, so as not to make comebacks. I'll note that.

– How do you rate the fans' support today?

– This is very well heard – in Yekaterinburg, Magnitogorsk, I noted it. A lot of fans come to the games in these cities, thank them for that. We hear.

– Today you played through a throw-in, controlled the puck not so much. It is the usual manner for the team. Is this the reason for the defeat?

– Many reasons can be found for today's defeat. It is necessary not to adapt to the opponent, but to play your own hockey.

– You said that there are many reasons for the defeat? Any example?

– We lost the face-off and thus missed the third goal. I will not say that it was a disaster, but a couple of rebounds led to a goal. It was possible to play better initially, not to let the defender throw.

– You have improved a lot this season, although before was a certain decline. Have you revised your style of playing?

– It was at the beginning of the season. It was not noticeable in the first games. But the work started from the very beginning of the season. Tomi became the head coach, we discussed it. At first, some moments did not work out. But it gets easier over time. There is communication between coaches and hockey players. It's good.

– You haven't been offered a new contract yet. Do you worry about it?

– It's not my job. There's not much time before the playoffs, so we don't think about things like contracts. All thoughts are about the upcoming matches.

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