Press conference of head coaches Ilya Vorobyov and Tomi Lyamsya, and also with players Philipp Holm, Sakari Manninen, Nikolai Kulemin and Pavel Koledov. Press conference of head coaches Ilya Vorobyov and Craig Woodcroft, as well as players Taylor Beck and Alexander Pavlovich.

Press conference of head coaches Ilya Vorobyov and Oleg Znarok, as well as players Nikolay Kulemin and Vladislav Kara.


Ilya Vorobyov, Metallurg head coach:

– The game was quite difficult for us, the guys did well. They fought to the end and made a great comeback. All in all, we are satisfied.

– It is cool to have a strong will, but it was another yet game when the opponent has a head start of +2 during the game. Do you think, what is the reason?

– It's hard to say. Each game should be analyzed individually. Tonight we missed in the shorthanded play, and that was the difference. In fact, in 5 on 5 game, we were much stronger.

– During the trip, Bogdan Potekhin got an injury, what is the forecast for him? When will Sergey Mozyakin play? And why didn't Koshelev play?

– Koshelev doesn't play due to the rotation. We will watch the rest as they will be ready, I mean Sergey Mozyakin first. We will look at Bogdan – he still needs a week.

– What was the aim of the change Kulemin for Chibisov in the first link?

– The goal is for them to play against the first line of Spartak. But some things we did not like, changed them back, and it all worked.

– About the upcoming trip. How do you plan to distribute forces for 3 games, each on every other day?

– You know, we need to prepare for each game particularly, and after each game, we will make our own conclusions. At the moment, we have some rotation possibilities, we will think and see how to approach this. The opponents are not easy. As you can see the league has equalized a lot, and every game has to be approached in a special way.

Oleg Znarok, Spartak head coach:

– First of all, why did you shift from 3-1 to 3-4? What is the reason – physics, psychology, or something else?

– I think that it is individual mistakes from defensemen. Silly mistakes were made in the first, second, and third goal.

– If we talk about the goalkeeper, it is clear that Gudachek is definitely number one. He alone has played one and a half times more games than all the other goalies together. Does he cope with the workload? In the first period, Metallurg shot 6 times, but then 17 in the second one, and 15 in the third one. A mistake could well happen due to such overload.

– Well, in the second period, we played 6 minutes shorthanded. The opponent shot more obviously. He is not the first year in Spartak, he has to cope with it.

– The average season indicators for power play are good and tonight you capitalized. Are you satisfied with this factor tonight?

- Well, we scored two goals. You see, we have injured players who play in the power play, so… But today, yes, I'm happy.

– What is the forecast for Lehtera, by the way?

– I don't know, he has a serious injury.

– Nikontsev has not played for two games. He has a amage?

– Yes.

– Kara and Torchenyuk played their first matches for Spartak. How do you estimate them tonight?

– Not bad. We just had to change something at the end, from the seventh minute we started playing three links.


Nikolay Kulemin, Metallurg forward:

– It was a tough game. We didn't start very well and were losing during the game. But all the guys did well, tried hard, played to the end and used their chances. It is great to win such a game when you lose in the middle.

– It is clear that outwardly you are in good shape, but how is it difficult to get exactly the game shape? For example, in the second period, there was an episode when Beck made a shot, and you had a stick just above the ice. How is hard to train are such details?

– Well, of course, such nuances are the most difficult, you can't get them in training, you can't train them in the gym. It is necessary to feel the game, to play several games, to feel the partners, to be already at the same speed with all the guys.

– Is the discussion of physical condition for you is completely closed?

– There is always something to work on, but I feel good, we spent a training cycle on a break, I just managed to work with the team. Further, at the expense of games, they will gain game form. I think everything will be fine.

– Today you had to travel between the links. You started in the first one, at some point you went out even in the fourth. And as a result, you played more with Beck and Nestrashil. How hard was it to switch during the match?

– Coaches try different combinations. Sometimes after the removal, they give an extra shift to play, to be constantly in the game. We have all the links equal, no matter who plays with whom, the main thing is the result.

– Several months have passed between the first unofficial goal of the season at the Romazan Tournament and today's goal. The goals were similar.

– Yes, then I also set up on a slot. Of course, it adds confidence, I haven't played for so long, and the first goal is always hard.

Vladislav Kara, Spartak forward:

– Totally, this is not how I wanted to play the first game. We lost, it's a shame. We started the game well, led the score, but the ending was slightly blurred. I think that is why we lost the whole game.

– How is it hard to play as you recently joined the team during the almost play-off situation? Maybe are you kind of nervous?

– No, there is no uncertainty. I will go to every game and fight to win. I think I can do it.

– According to the feelings of the opponent, it is clear that Spartak's first team clearly dominated. What will you say about Metallurg? Or is the threat potential evenly distributed?

– Metallurg is a good team with skilful players, all links are good. I think that we managed to cope with their onslaught today, but, as I said, the ending was greased. And so they are a good team, congrats.

– Is a move to Spartak a challenge for you and your career? What emotions are you experiencing more?

– I think, I should gain a foothold in the team and show my hockey. I don't think about how to restart my career, but how to already play on a permanent basis.– Is the discussion of physical condition for you is completely closed?

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