KUNLUN RED STAR - METALLURG. OCTOBER 21ST, 19:00 MSK TIME Metallurg - Neftekhimik. October, 16th

Press conference with the coaches Fredric Stillman and Vyacheslav Butsayev, and the players Mikhail Pashnin and Mikhail Byakin.


Fredric Stillman, Metallurg vice-head coach:

– Of course, we want to win every game but it is how our life is, how our hockey is. Sometimes it doesn't go all way. I think that today we were a little bit too slow. Against Omsk last game we were quicker and that was enough for not winning today. We had bad period in the second period, when we let three goals in. After that, I think we picked it up and we give a really good try anyway. We can take this loss but of course we want to win every game.

– For Koshechkin the game was quite tough and the he missed goal in the close angle.

– Well, sometimes it is difficult to explain everything what happens in ice hockey. We deal with human so you never know what is going to happen. Of course, he tries his best to save every puck but as a team I think we were not that sharp as we were against Omsk. And that is the difference, the only difference. We know how to play and how to do in every situation. But we were not fast today, there were too many passes, sideways, puck loses on the blue line first part of the game. But after that, I think when they scored the fourth goal we kind of decided "Now that is enough". Last 4-5 minutes of the second and the third periods, I think, we tried really really hard. We almost tied it up.

– Why did not you decide to take a risk and to change a goalie after the third and the fourth missed pucks?

– That is an option, of course, we have, but I felt that I have to give Koshechkin a chance to take a revenge and after that he was fine.

– When did Nosov join the team?

– Today in the morning. He landed Magnitogorsk at 5 this morning.

Vyacheslav Butsayev, Neftekhimik head coah:

– Indeed, the game was exciting. I thought that by the middle of the second period we shouldn't face any difficulty but we made them for ourselves, got two needless penalties. Surely, the strong side of the opponent is their power play. We failed to manage it and missed two goals, but in the third period we did everything right. And I mean not only the score but also the game style. I think that exactly for our team such games are useful and it is important to win, leading only one goal. That is why I am satisfied with the result. My congrats to out team.

– Yesterday after the first win over Kunlun Alexei Kovalev said that it were some tactical schemes that worked not the character. So can we say the same about tonight's game?

– You know, the game consists of many things: skills, character, luckiness and so on. Here everything was in balance. Tonight the team was moved by character, vibe, energy and aim to fulfill the game task. So tonight's win is a team win.

– In the last games your team was good at shorthanded game but tonight you missed 3 goals. Why?

– I will repeat: it is one of the strongest sides of the opponent. Here we should play accurate and right, foresee and read the opponent. We should develop it.

– It is only the second game for Byakin and so successful for him. Why did not you give him more time on ice before?

– Everybody knows what is and was happening in the teams. Mikhail was recovering after the illness. He got time when recovered totally. He is a good player, tonight he scored twice.

– Pavel Poryadin was injured in the last seconds. How is he now?

– Alive. We will see, now I don't have anything to say.


Mikhail Pashnin, Metallurg defender:

– The start was great but we lost the second period. I think that is why we lost the whole game. We pressed, moved and rushed but failed. We shouldn't made these mistakes that caused the loss.

– Can we say that tonight the team underestimated the opponent?

– Surely, we did not expect any trouble. I will say once more: we missed counterattacks and then it was too late. We could score but in hockey if you miss a chance, you are unlikely get the second.

– Was it hard for defensmen to adjust new attacking links?

– No. During the game we come out with any link and play. Tonight we played a little bit differently. And we were punished by more experienced players.

– You have only one day-off between the game for 2 weeks. Does the dense schedule influence you?

– Yes, it does. For 2 months already we play according the playoff schedule scheme. But the coaching staff give us days-off between games, don't overweight us. Coaches understand that we have a game every 2 days. We have time to recover. On the other side, it is good for the spectators, fan and supports because they have so many meeting and games.


Mikhail Byakin, Nefteknimik forward:

– We started well. At the very beginning we led 4-1. And we missed 2 goals for 6 minutes due to useless penalties. And then the game became tough for us. But we stood it, pressed and won.

– How are you adjusting to the KHL level? Was is hard for you as a newcomer?

– Before I had played one game, but I had not much time. Tonight the coach gave more time. During the first shifts I was nervous. But by the third shift I felt the game fully and skated in.

– Does you surname influence you career?

– Surely, there are many those who say that I play only thanks to it. But I try not to pay attention and show my level instead.

– How hard was to overcome difficulties that the team had met at the beginning of the season?

– I wouldn't say that it was hard in mental terms. Yes, we lost some games. But now we want to win. We forget the loses and come out to win. Now we recovered and I think everything would be well.

– You scored twice but later one goal was accredited to Galuzin. Any hurts?

– Honestly, I didn't see that Galuzin assisted. And he also didn't tell. But I am not upset. Instead, when I heard that it was not me who scored, I wanted to score more. And I did!

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